Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Finishing off

Finishing off the class with Hitchhikers was nice. I had heard a lot of great things about it but never got a change to check it out.  I really enjoyed it, it's pretty close to my own sense of humor.  As the class finishes I look back wishing I could have finished more books. I've so busy with thesis I didn't really have to time. So I stuck to short stories or reading just a bit.  I should totally make a list of the stuff I should go back and finish once classes are done.  I really enjoyed this class, both the stuff we read and the discussion. It was great to get introduced to new and old stuff.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


1.  In 10 years, I've been a show runner with a large following and a hit show under my belt.  As the baby boomers slowly died out or retired, the following generation set off to repair and improve both the world economy as well as the eniverement.   With an educational push towards both the sciences and arts there is currently a progress boom in both. The world is trying to correct it's past mistakes.

2. 2050, As the world is adjusting to becoming more and more muil-species due to influx of live forms for other planets, I still currently creative head of a large entrainment company.  I'm trying to continue spearheading the same ideas and value that put me where I am while the growing change in media from being earth base to galaxy based. Being friendly with the new alien earth population isn't favored by every human on earth and as make me a target for attacks from a new growing group of human who are aiming to "take back earth."

3. 3000, earth has changed and adjusted to the influx of alien live and merging with galaxy travel. I'm saying that I am retiring but still seem to be pulling the strings in the media.  I attempting to use my last years setting in stone my legacy.  I have gain a galactic repuational for being exsentic.  While I have tried to relax and fade quietly in my old ages. Different issues and problems have kept me in the galactic affairs much to the dismay of many other media and world leaders and some of my family.  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Literary Speculation

I had a hard time wrapping my mind around a lot of the stuff we read this week like in a physical sense.  A lot time it's not the stories were hard to understood, usually they were pretty simple.  Reading At Daybreak was a little rough.  The only image I could think of was Flatland and how it was written to look. I guess in a way Speculation Lit is suppose to do that.  It's sort of suppose to go deep in an idea to the point where things may not be as easy to full understand.  

Diverse Position Science Fiction

I really enjoyed Bloodchild actually.  It was strange but interesting.  I think one of the best thing about scifi is getting to create a whole other culture and way of living. Bloodchild is a good example of this. It is a totally alien world and way of live using different part of our world and imagination.  I personally think this is way fantasy and scifi is the prefect place to explore diverse position of life since you don't have to weighted down but any sort of human history or idea, you could literally make your own.  So It's always a little disappointing to see a lot of the scifi and fantasy still be mostly based on white western heterosexual gender ideas when there isn't any reason for it.  I'm going to ask every writer who think aliens from a totally different planet would have the same ideas of gender, race, sexuality as human often do, why the hell that makes sense.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cyberpunk and Steampunk and other forms of punk

I've never really been into cyberpunk or steampunk plots for the most part. Reading Johnny Mnemonic was interesting.  Something about the classic mafia story in a future world allows for a lot cool ideas and plays off both stories. I think that's what Cyberpunk and Steampunk is good at, being two concepts into the same world. While Cyberpunk is the future while Steampunk is often the past.  In some ways they are totally opposite but in the way they use their tones and idea to tie though two worlds.


1.  That was interesting ride. I was trying to decode what was going on from the beginning. Are Terrans humans or something else? Are we still on earth? Is this going where I think it's going? There were a lot of alien concept though at you quickly.  I like a lot of stuff like this, an interaction between aliens and humans. Sort of an after invasion or after first contact sort of story. This story does a good job at establishing the history and culture of world, while still allowing some questions. I thought it was interesting.

2. I have sort of getting an alien dystopian feelings from the opening pretty strongly. The sort of distorted family united and the rules and relations started to give it away pretty quickly.  I had a hard to times placing or imagining what T'Gatoi looked like though. The story sort of blends this sort of dystopian feeling with usual alien scifi feelings.

3. I think it would dark could still be easily adapted into a film.  Using the time to development and show character relationships while also telling a complete story. Film could really sell the locations and create an otherworldly feeling using lighting and composition and color work to really create a mood.  

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I really really enjoyed reading COME TO VENUS MELANCHOLY.  Robots are a cool concept in scifi but often I don't connect to them especially if it's played really boring.  I often can't think of them as scary but honestly I'd like to be friends with a robot.  I really like the character in it, she is very understandable  and sympathetic. I wanted to help her out in the end but I thought the end was still super powerful.